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Get More Clients Online Without Becoming A Marketer, A Techie And Without Spending A Fortune...

Law Firm Digital Marketing Has One Purpose: 


We Give You What You Need

 To Get Clients Online Consistently & 

 Work With You To Create It In

3 Easy & Affordable Steps...

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Our Unified Approach:


Demand Fulfillment Campaigns

GOOGLE Search is Demand Fulfillment

  • When Prospects Search, You Have To Be Seen With the Right Message to Fulfill Their Demand 

  • Having The Right Content Offer With Advanced Keyword Targeting Of The Searcher

  • Taking Prospects Off Google To Our Landing Page For Lead Capture & Remarketing


Generation Campaigns

FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGNS Are Demand Generation 

  • Facebook Has Become The Homepage Of The Internet

  • The Right Content Offer And Image Creates Demand With Hyper-Specific Targeting

  • Consider FB's 2 Billion Users: How Many Times A Day Do You Think They Check Their Newsfeed?

Remarketing Campaigns



  • The Right Retargeted & Related Content Offer Is The Glue To All Marketing You Do Online

  • Whether By Email Automation Sequences, FB Ads, Google Display Network Ideally, All Of The Above

  • This Is Where Most Fail In Their Online Marketing Success!

Our Number One Priority Is Getting You more clients. Our 3 Pillar System is How We Get Maximum Results For You...

Simple, effective & affordable digital marketing services for your Law Practice 

by Working with you To create personalized & valuable content for your IDEAL CLIENT 

we THEN TARGET & promote that content TO  ATTRACT YOUR NEW CLIENTS By Tying Together these powerful methods:

GOOGLE FOR Demand Fulfillment

GOOGLE Search is Demand Fulfillment. When Clients Search, You Have to Be Found and Seen With The Right Keywords They are Searching & With the Right Message to Fulfill Their Search/Demand. Search Engine Marketing, SEO & PPC Is an Important Pillar of Legal Marketing. We Have Spent Thousands of Dollars With GOOGLE on PPC, SEO & Display and Our Clients See High ROI When They Trust Us To Handle Google For SEO & PPC. 

FACEBOOK FOR Demand Generation

Sometimes You Need To Create Demand and Awareness For Your Legal Services. FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGNS are Demand Generation. The Rewards of Your Law Firm Having The Right Content, Images Using FB's Unrivaled Micro-Targeting, Are Truly Unlimited. We Have Spent Thousands of Dollars of FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGNS and It Gets You Leads. 


Most Attorneys  Fail at Online Lawyer Marketing Because They Think in Terms of Running Random Ads, Not Campaigns. Remarketing To Landing Page Visitors on Facebook & Around the Web With Different But Related Ads Is Essential To Success Online. When Used With Automated Email Sequences For Lead Nurturing It is The Glue That Holds All of Your Other Legal Marketing Efforts Together To Convert Leads To Clients.


We Will Use Our Proven Digital Marketing Blueprint

To Help You Grow Your Firm Revenue Today.

Our Formula Relies On:

 The 7 Pillars of Truth About Online Marketing

Our Method is Results Driven Because We Believe That

Marketing is About One Thing...Getting You More Clients.

See what Some happy clients are saying!

 Shawn M. (Cleveland, OH)


Wow! From Website Development to Facebook Ads, Law Dog Legal Marketing blew me away! When I knew I had to do something to up my firm's game online and Law Dog advised me and then just handled everything. What a difference a year makes! Now we have a great looking attorney website that not only ranks at the top of Google but their lead generation campaigns have changed our entire business model. 5 Stars!!!

 Janet B.  (Sacramento, CA)


Before I came to Law Dog, I thought I knew what digital marketing really was in my practice area of Criminal Defense ...turns out, I didn't. They opened my eyes and not only designed a great website for my Practice, but they helped me create an online marketing strategy across the board. Now, I'm just working with them on fresh content and new campaigns that they set up and continually optimize them. I am so happy I found Law Dog Legal Marketing. 

Legal Marketing Has Changed... Your New Clients Are Online.

It's Time for you to work ON your Law Practice, not Just IN your Law Practice.

  Let us Do all the heavy lifting while you sit back

and take care of your new clients!

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