The 3 Biggest Lawyer PPC Mistakes in Your Legal Marketing and How Fixing Them Saves You Thousands of Dollars - Part 3 of 3

If you are like many Lawyers I know, you have tried to run your own PPC or pay-per-click Google AdWords search marketing campaigns and at a certain point, you became convinced that it just doesn't work. You probably spent thousands of dollars, got very few clicks or very few clicks that actually converted into paying clients (Ah yes, paying clients; isn't that the end game of all of this stuff anyway?) and walked away from it, disgusted.

You might think that the whole experiment was a complete failure; it didn't work, never again.  Well don't give up! The main point of this 3-part blog series is how to save you money and to show you that paid search can be an effective part of your law firm marketing, if you realize that it is not a set and forget process. It requires effort and attention. If you can't do it all by yourself that's okay; I'm sure there are a lot of PPC Managers that can't argue motions in Federal Court. We all have our skill sets and sometimes hiring a professional, if you can find an honest one, is the best way to go. Just like hiring a Lawyer...right?

In order to do an Attorney marketing PPC campaign correctly and get results (remember my Junior High Band Director "Results, not Excuses!") you have to follow some important rules of the road. I've tried to help you learn a few of those rules. 

In Part 1 we talked about not using geographic keywords outside of your geographic area and in Part 2 of this series, we talked about monitoring your Google AdWords campaign results to see which keywords work and over time, eliminating the keywords that just waste impressions. I truly hope that you are beginning to see that while it is tricky, if you follow some rules (Hey you're a Lawyer, you should be used to rules!) not only can you save thousands of dollars but you can win at this PPC game and boost your online Lawyer Marketing!


Mistake #3 – Not Doing PPC, for two related and very important reasons: Testing and Content Creation


Ask any Madison Avenue Advertising Veteran (one of the Mad Men) and they will tell's all about split testing. 5 different versions of Ad copy, different keyword groups with the same copy, different images.  It's called split testing and the only way to know what works in marketing is to split test. 

100 years ago, a famous book publisher used to take out a full page of ads in the Chicago Tribune and have book cover images with 50 different titles, and people would order them. The publisher would wait to see what title sold the most and then print the book based on the test!

That was split testing 100 years ago; now, we can use Google Adwords and know quickly and accurately what works and what does not. This is a valuable tool and a lot easier than Ad men had to do it in 1915. Take advantage of it and test, test, test! Nothing like spending your own money on your own law firm marketing to make it real, but the key is to start on a small scale and test for what works. Then, drop the ads or keywords that don't work and scale up (spend more) on the ones you discovered actually do work.


The other main benefit in not giving up on PPC campaigns as part of your online legal marketing entirely is because you can learn a lot about what people actually search for on the Internet in the course of a paid search campaign if you pay attention. Everyone wants the free organic search engine ranking, and putting out good content consistently is the way this happens but it takes time and it takes the right content. 

Paid Search campaign results can tell you what content you should be creating, rather than guessing or just blogging about things you feel passionately about like many people mistakenly believe. Spending money makes you focus (if you don't want to just throw it away) and then you learn what keywords people really search for and you learn more about who your audience really is. The key is to use what you learn on the PPC side of your legal marketing and use those search results as clues for what content to spend time creating.

In some upcoming blog articles, I'll talk more about what makes your content worth landing on when someone clicks (making your website sticky...and a good experience; uh, that doesn't sound right) but it is essential to converting that lead to a client. Remember, to rank organically it takes good content and PPC testing.

I hope you got some useful knowledge from this 3-part blog series on pay-per-click legal marketing campaigns. I know it can be daunting and there are a lot of things to know but you're smart. Just apply yourself to this or get some help, but don't let past experiences of doing it wrong prevent you from learning how to do it right!

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