You are a Marketer, whether you like it or not!

I recently had one of my Lawyer clients give up! She told me, "I'm a Lawyer, not a Marketer!"  

I was shocked. We had built her a new website, we were blogging, using social media platforms, about to begin AdWords in earnest and real progress had been made and we were building on it.  


But it reminded me of a very important truth...that whether we did most of it for her or she contributed to the effort, unless she had the right mindset, none of it would work to build and grow her law practice and make her successful.

In her moment of despair, she had uttered those dreadful words that she was a Lawyer, not a Marketer, and with that, it was over. She would not succeed because she refused to accept that if you own a business, you have to market that business to succeed. My Bachelors degree is in Business (Finance) but you don't need a business degree to know that marketing is crucial for any type of business, and especially in the overcrowded and highly competitive legal profession.


Look, I practiced law for 21 years and I know firsthand that most Lawyers are terrible at running their practice like a business. But it is a business, and like any business, you must do marketing to succeed, especially online legal marketing from many angles. If not, you won't be around to worry about it because your doors will close. 

Who wouldn't like to just sit there, handling cases and never having to worry about the phone ringing? Who wouldn't love to not have to devote one dollar or one ounce of energy to their legal marketing? But here's the truth: the business of law has changed a lot,  especially in the online and social media world of today. 

If you think it hasn't, then just like my poor client, you are in complete self-denial. You can be the best Attorney in your town, your state or in your practice area, but if nobody knows about you, how on earth do you expect to make a living and thrive beyond that? You are a business owner and therefore, you are a Marketer. 


It starts with your mindset. Like it or not, you are a Marketer and your business is providing legal services. Offline and online, and there are things that need to be done so that people know who you are and have a compelling reason to hire you to solve their legal problem. You can't escape it because just like every other sole proprietor in every other industry, you are running a business. If you are not out there, consistently promoting that business, especially online, that business will die.

So, you must come to terms with that reality and get a legal marketing game plan! Whether you want to do it yourself and want to learn how or whether you need a little coaching or consulting help or a lot of help from someone like me, you have to commit and accept that it must be done, in large part because your competitors are already doing it in your marketplace. 

I know, it sucks! Where do you start? What really works? What's the smartest use of precious funds? What methods are the best? It can be confusing, painful and it costs money...but, it must be done if you expect to win. And since you're a Lawyer, I'm going to assume that you already possess the drive to win; otherwise, you may have chosen the wrong profession.


I have included a few links below that I hope will help you once you set your mind and want to begin to take action to get more clients and grow your practice to everything you once imagined it could be.

This link is to our free Legal Marketing Cheat Sheet. It outlines the main things you should be doing in a coordinated way to attack your online legal marketing. Read it, think about it and contact us if you would like to talk to me to learn more. We offer a range of options to affordably help you do this: 

This is a link to a survey about you and your law practice to learn what areas you need more information about and a few other questions that would help us better serve you and others who need help with their law firm marketing. It doesn't take long and I would really like to hear from you and offer you some free help, including giving you some free information about your online presence and that of your competitors:

I am hopeful my client will come to her senses and remember that in addition to being a great Lawyer, being a Marketer is not an option in running a successful law's the reality of running a business, just like any other business. Hey, I've been there, I get it and I can help you if you need it. Together, we can do this and get your game plan in place and get you on your way to getting more clients, beating the competition and winning! 

Talk to you soon! 

Rick Baker, J.D.

aka Law Dog!