Lawyer Internet Marketing can be confusing but to win at it, you have to have a law firm marketing plan that works.

So how is successful law firm marketing done and what really matters?



  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Pay Per Click
  • Referral Networking
  • Public Speaking

How does a lawyer decide where to start in choosing the right law firm marketing plan?

The first thing to understand in law firm marketing is that all of these things have their place. Do not limit your law firm marketing plan to strictly online efforts. Getting out there personally in your local market is crucial to your law firm marketing.

Seek out and accept the chamber of commerce or church speaking opportunities to make real connections and bolster your reputation. Don't get stuck in thinking everything happens on the internet; it doesn't.

Growing your referral network through in person networking events is incredibly important to developing a winning law firm marketing plan. Offline activities are just as important now as they were when there was no internet.

Never forget that good law firm marketing starts with building relationships, getting your name out there and enhancing your reputation. Your lawyer internet marketing really begins with forming as many quality relationship "offline" as you can.

That being said, in the times in which we now live, lawyer internet marketing is essential to your law firm marketing. So let's discuss what a great online law firm marketing plan looks like and where to begin.


While there are many components to a great law firm marketing plan, in my opinion, none is more important than ranking on the first page of Google organic search for buyer intent keywords.

I have done all other lawyer internet marketing methods described above and while they are important for creating multiple entry points to your attorney website, amplifying your message and using paid advertising to complement these various efforts, they all pale in comparison to page one Google ranking.


If you need a particular type of lawyer and you don't know one, you will do what you do for everything else you need and are looking for: you Google.

This is more true with finding an attorney to hire than many other types of business services and products. Therefore, every great law firm marketing plan starts with ranking your attorney website on page one of Google search for your targeted keywords.



Most Attorneys (myself included when I was in practice for over 20 years) thinks they know their money keywords.

Here's the truth:

Without actually looking at what people type into that Google search box when they need the legal service you provide, you really don't know.

The two main factors in lawyer internet marketing keyword research boil down to these two things:

  • Monthly Search Volume

  • Keyword Difficulty

The best keywords are the ones that have the highest monthly search volume and the lowest competition. Adjust your lawyer internet marketing expectations accordingly.


Some of the best law firm marketing keywords that have the highest monthly searches (e.g. bankruptcy attorney miami) but also have some of the highest competition. This is because many of your competitors have been throwing thousands of dollars and years of time to rank for them.

There are a number of free and paid tools to determine these two main keyword factors in developing your online law firm marketing plan but obviously, the paid tools, especially in the hands of an experienced law firm marketer such as myself will be the most effective.

Start by using an Incognito Window on the Google Chrome Browser (this hides cookies on your regular browser so prior searches don't taint your new searches) to run searches of the current rankings of your local market.

Start with what you think people search...but then, look at the bottom of the results for a gift from Google. The related searches at the bottom are your clues on what people also search for and have to also be researched.


Sometimes, the slightest variations (like attorney versus attorneys) or even the order of the words (orlando bankruptcy attorney versus bankruptcy attorney orlando) can make all the difference in lawyer internet marketing.

Know your competition, know what they are doing and duplicate and then exceed their efforts. If you don't know your best keywords and why your competitor is ranking higher in search, then you have lost at lawyer internet marketing before you have even begun.


There are many technical onpage seo optimization techniques to list here (the subject of another article) but let's just say that using your keyword in your Page Title, URL, Images and the Content itself is what is meant by on page search engine optimization.

There are a lot of other technical aspects to this (meta data, snippets, etc.) but every great online marketing plan and every great piece of law firm marketing content will incorporate good on page techniques. This is why hiring someone to optimize and help you in your lawyer internet marketing is the way to go. It saves time, it save money and more importantly, it creates what you need to be effective in achieving the goals of your online law firm marketing plan.


The other side of things that determines your Google rankings is the off page search engine optimization for lawyers. This refers to backlinks.

Backlinks from other authority websites, social media, Web 2.0 sites and generally, will tell Google if your attorney website deserves to be ranked.

There is a lot that goes into this and it is too much to get into detail here (again, best discussed in another article) but backlinks are vital in your lawyer internet marketing.

Also, knowing how many backlinks your competition has and where those links are coming from is step one in your lawyer internet marketing link building strategy. All online based law firm marketing must incorporate on page and off page efforts. It's just that simple.


One of our latest projects is to help Bankruptcy Attorneys rank on Google Search.

Our client FLACMA (Find Local Access to Consumer Minded Attorneys) has launched initiatives to create a network of Bankruptcy Attorneys across the United States.

They have created an Ultimate Bankruptcy Guide to provide rich and lengthy content to consumers seeking debt relief.  Through this content, we, on their behalf, have optimized the on page seo and the backlink building off page seo to rank individual pages for a variety of locations across the country.

The law firm marketing plan of FLACMA is to rank these pages and then rent them to lawyers to put them on page one of Google. Then Law Dog Legal Marketing will work on that law firm's search engine optimization to get them there organically later.

It's a joint venture we are very excited about and results are exceeding our expectations.

The following are some of the pages that have begun to rank and when they are on page one of Google, we will rent them.

Our first Page One Ranking is in Chico, California for the keyword "Chico Bankruptcy Attorney." This keyword has some of the highest search volume for bankruptcy attorneys in the country (at 300 searches per month) and was our first target.

Other Pages currently in the ranking process that will be for rent soon include:

Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney Phoenix

Terre Haute Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney Tulsa

Bankruptcy Attorney Colorado Springs

Bankruptcy Attorney Las Vegas

Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney

San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney

The FLACMA network will continue to expand into creating and ranking and renting other pages that redirect to law firm websites in other consumer legal practices areas, such as divorce, criminal defense and personal injury.

If you are interested in learning more about having your law firm website pointing to a page one ranked web page in any of these cities (check the FLACMA website for a complete listing) or in your city, just CONTACT US TODAY.

Law firm marketing is not easy; however, developing a law firm marketing plan that elevates your lawyer internet marketing is not only achievable, but is essential to the financial success of your law practice.