We create and manage paid search campaigns for Attorneys using Google Adwords for both the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network primarily.  We also create and manage Facebook Advertising campaigns and other forms of paid search on social media platforms.  

We believe that Paid Search is an integral part of any marketing plan because of the ability to split test Ad copy and and analyze what keywords prospective clients are actually searching, what the competition is for those best keyword and and how to create a strategy to beat your competitors on a smaller budget by maximizing efficiency in our campaigns.

With some special tools we use, we have access to the competition's past campaigns, ad spend, monthly budget, what ads they've run and which were successful,  so we can optimize for paid search and SEO.  This is crucial to building website organic ranking and Search Engine Optimization and paid search accelerates SEO greatly. 

Social Media, especially Facebook Ads, has become as integral part of our services. Using our normal amplification and engagement strategies, we take it to another level by using paid ads on Facebook to promote content, build community and an audience and to build email lists and conversions.  Paid Search is a necessary component of any online marketing strategy.

For more information about some Paid Search Tactics, go to our Blog. Here are a few blog posts about some big mistakes made on Google AdWord or "paid search/PPC" campaigns: