Are you tired of struggling to attract clients in your law practice online and feel that other Attorneys are taking business away from you while you struggle to get noticed? I've been there...

There are some common mistakes most Attorneys make that if corrected, would dramatically improve their Online Legal Marketing...and I GUARANTEE I can immediately tell you if you are making those mistakes.


Fill out this form and I will personally review your Website, Social Media and your Competition and give you immediate suggestions, whether you hire me or not. This is not an automated generic response...this is me, the Law Dog who practiced 21 years and I did every type of legal marketing there is, personally taking the time to critically evaluate how you stack up against your competition. I create an in-depth written report for you and I prefer to discuss the results with you personally via SKYPE. All I ask is that you give me a written testimonial if you are happy with the results and recommendation I provide to you free of charge.

 Also, please know that I limit how many clients I take on and I never take on more than one Attorney per practice area in any specific geographic location and I have to reserve the right to refuse to conduct an analysis, once hired by a competitor in your, act now before your competition hires me and remember, strategy trumps hope every time!

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